Chapter OnePurpose + Aim = Life

Chapter One is about the depth of love, or the z factor, that is discovered through heartbreak.


Chapter TwoThe Properties of Love

Chapter Two is about the properties of love defined inside 1 Corinthians 13.


Chapter ThreeThe Premise

Chapter Three reveals the mystery of love that initiated from Lucifer’s Fall.


Chapter FourThe Producer

Chapter Four reveals the faith Pre-Fall Eve has in God’s Goodness in His character defined inside Love by why she chose to fall.


Chapter FiveThe Playbook on Curse Reversals

Chapter Five reveals how to produce the anti-curse that reverses the effects of a curse by returning the alchemized shadow (reactive) back into its Noble State (unreactive).


Chapter SixZero Day

Chapter Six reveals the purpose of the cross to create a non-zero sum game in the matrix called Grace.


Chapter SevenGnosis

Chapter Seven reveals the importance of shadow integration based on the hidden of desire of the shadow is to become integrated with the spirit.


Chapter EightMeans, Matter, and Meaning

Chapter Eight goes through the distinctions among means, matter, and meaning.


Chapter NineGod's Hope

Chapter Nine is about God’s gift of Grace to defeat death.


Chapter TenEve

Chapter Ten is about the power of the Mirror revealed inside Truth and Authenticity of Being.


Chapter ElevenThe Ark

Chapter Eleven is about the power of God’s covenant with humanity.


Chapter TwelveThe Hero

Chapter Twelve is about the roadmap of the redemptive path that belongs to the Hero.


Chapter ThirteenAs I am Fully Known

Chapter Thirteen is about the Power of Love defeating the love of power.

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