Act One: Faith in the Face of Fear


Chapter OneThe Promises

Chapter One is about the depth of love that is discovered through heartbreak. It is about the promises that The Producer’s Playbook program offers when the broken hearted takes on the call to adventure in pursuing one’s true passion, pursuit, and purpose in life, after heartbreak.

Chapter One Audio Video


Chapter TwoThe Properties of Love

Chapter Two is about the properties of love defined inside 1 Corinthians 13.

Chapter Two Audio Video


Chapter ThreeThe Premise

Chapter Three reveals the mystery of love that initiated from Lucifer’s Fall.

Chapter Three Audio Video


Chapter FourThe Producer

Chapter Four reveals Eve’s fierce faith in God’s Goodness in His Character defined inside Love.

Chapter Four Audio Video


Chapter FiveThe Present

Chapter Five reveals the timing displacement curse that Eve falls under when she tells God, “The snake deceived me.”

Chapter Five Audio Video


Chapter SixThe Position

Chapter Six reveals the positional displacement curse that Adam falls under when he tells God, “I hid because I was naked.”

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