Meet The Journal-Artists

We explore truth in fiction, while illuminating our shadows.

We fortify our faith through the sword of the spirit in the written word.

We are the Journal-Artist Producers—sharply spoken and broken open.

May the book set you free.
01.We believe in creativity

Shadow work is best done in shadow land—in the realm of fiction.

02.We believe in catharsis

Find your silver lining in the flow of journaling. Suppressed expression is depression: May the publishing process become your spiritual and emotional release.

03.We believe in choice

In the flow of documenting your journey, you will discover your dual passions, pursuits, and purposes. In the self-awareness of your own duality, you will also become lucid in the power of choice.

04.We believe in community

Surround yourself with a community of supportive Journal-Artists who are also writing, one journal-entry at a time, artist-inspired.

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Lead with why

Transform your pain into purpose by first discovering the call to adventure.

The Dark Forrest

Find the silver lining in the dark forrest you are walking through.

the power of fiction

Illuminate the truth in fiction and may the truth set you free.

A Chinese Proverb
To move a mountain, begin with one pebble at a time.
Begin the Journey of Telling Your Story