Volunteer as a Journal-Artist Host




Benefits of Being a Journal-Artist Volunteer

  • Gain Leadership Skills
  • Improve Communication Skills
  • Reap the Benefits of Expressive Writing.
  • Training Experience to Prepare You For the  Wounded Healer’s Path of Future Occupation.
  • Build Your Portfolio and Resume through Philanthropic Services.
  • Obtain Volunteer or Internship Credit for School or Community Service Requirements.
  • Receive free unlimited journaling workshops for the entire year.

Hosting a Mirror Darkly Workshop Requirements:

  • Be Coachable.
  • Be On Time.
  • Be Reliable.
  • Have Reliable Internet Connection and Use Zoom.

Hosting Options

“The Space Holder”

40 Hours Total: 3 months = 3 times a week


“The Helpful Helper”

50 Hours Total: 6 months = 2 times a week 


“The Wounded Healer” 

75 Hours Total: 9 months = 2 times a week


“The Angel’s Halo” 

100 Hours Total: 12 months = 2 times a week


Training, coaching, and certifications provided.


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