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Break Your Heart Open Live Stream Series
12 Live Stream Shows + The Love Story Journal Vol. 3 Hardcopy
Live Artist Performances + Live Journaling + Open Mic Sharing
Join us for a one-of-a-kind intimate live stream artist-performance inspired expressive writing sessions featuring soul-stirring artists who have turned their stories of pain into creative expression. Experience connection, catharsis, and community in a 90 minute interaction of live Artist Performance and Journaling.

This is a two part event: Day time and Evening Time.

Day Time: 90 minutes of Artist-Inspired Journaling
Evening Time: 30 minutes of Open-Mic Journal Reading

Discover how to break your heart open through Live Artist Performance—Inspired Journaling, among a community of Journal-Artists.
Transformative Breakthroughs among Artists & Journal-Artists through intimate sharing in various creative expressions.
Part I: Artist-Inspired
90 Minutes
Start Time: 10:00am pst/  12pm cst / 1:00pm est
End Time: 11:30am pst/ 1:30pm cst / 2:30am est
Feature Artist Performances-Inspired Journaling, fusing Artists with Journal-Artists.
Part II: Candlelight Open Mic
30 Minutes
Start Time: 7:00pm pst/  9pm cst / 10:00pm est
End Time: 7:30pm pst/ 9:30pm cst / 10:30pm est
Share your Creative Expression.
About The Love Story Journals
The Love Story is one of the first interactive journals to address heartbreak through multimedia journaling. We believe that while coping with the pain of grief and loss, one can discover the artist within. Using augmented reality, watch featured artists who tell their authentic, raw, and honest pain to passion testimonies and transformation. We invite you to connect and journal from their stories or writing prompts, with the option to share your entries with the love story community at Welcome to “artist-inspired journaling” —a new way of connecting, creating, and contributing.

The Love Story Journal Vol. 3: Inevitable Change
“Change is a double-edged sword. Part of us must die, so something else can grow. Nothing is meant to stay the same. Remaining unchanged is unsustainable, unhealthy. It’s always what we need, even when it’s unwanted and unclear of purpose. Thankfully, we hold the power of how to experience and perceive pain, which is change.”
—Amy Bauer, TLSJ Vol. 3 Creative Director 
Share Heart & Art
Break Your Heart Open Live Stream Series are designed to reveal, deal, and heal the deeper things that stem from the pain of heartbreak, trauma, mental health struggles, and emotional distress through creative expression. During this healing process, you will be inspired by others, strengthened through your realizations, and supported by a community of journal artists like you.
Each showcase is carefully curated, crafted, and co-created for every audience member to journal and interact with artists and live artistic performances so that we may collectively feel, deal, and heal.


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