Act Three: The Journal-Artist Producer





Act One: Acting in Faith &

Act Two: Acting in Compassion

How does your Membership Support our Non-Profit Mission?

  • DIY Journaling at—We provide free Do-It-Yourself Journaling Resources to Shift the Narrative on Pain:

    • A. You are not alone.
    • B. There is nothing wrong with you.
    • C. There is a point to your pain—Transform your pain into purpose.
  • Proceeds from your membership will go towards:

    • Run hosting servers to support the journaling portal.
    • Community Outreach—Grass Roots and Organic Marketing.
    • Providing relevant content—Artist Interviews, Curating Journal Entries, and Publication.

What does your membership include?

    • Lessons and Workbook on how to Journal in the Third Person Point of View.
    • Lessons and Workbook on how to practice the discipline of Grace & Replace in real time real life while journaling the experiences in fiction.
    • Learn how to be mindful when the Shadows trigger you, learn how to stay still in non-action as an action when the temptation of a reaction shows up, learn how to act upon the anti-curses produced from the Noble Shadow  and Journal the experiences in fiction.
    • Includes Chapter 6-13  Workbook & Audiobook.
    • Literature Groups—Reading & Responding Together.
    • Three Hours of Coaching on how to Act in Grace through the three chakras—Throat—Awareness of the Truth; Pineal—Awareness of the non-action as an action; Crown—Acting upon the Anti-Curse that twin pairs the Shadow that would have triggered the Journal-Artist to react to the curse .


Annual Membership.

If you are not satisfied with your investment to this program and cause, we will refund your money back guaranteed, anytime. No questions asked.

Join our Community of Producers.


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