The Journal-Artist in Act One



What does your membership include?

    • Lessons and Workbook on Expressing in the First Person Journaling Voice.

    • Three private mentorship sessions with an experienced Journal-Artist Mentor.

    • Lessons and Workbook on Shadow-Work and Noble Shadow Discernment.

    • Lifetime unlimited Mirror Darkly Journaling Workshops.

    • The Producer’s Playbook Textbook, Audiobook, and Digital book.

    • Literature Groups—Reading & Responding small groups.

Or your money back.


Keep the books.

No Questions Asked.

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What does your membership Support?

  • DIY Journaling at—We provide free Do-It-Yourself Journaling Resources to Shift the Narrative on Pain:

    • A. You are not alone.
    • B. There is nothing wrong with you.
    • C. There is a point to your pain—Transform your pain into purpose.
  • Proceeds from your membership will go towards:

    • Run hosting servers to support the journaling portal.
    • Community Outreach—Grass Roots and Organic Marketing.
    • Providing relevant content—Artist Interviews, Curating Journal Entries, and Publication.



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