The Pain of Being Alone Can be Transformed

If being alone is inevitable then you can transform the pain of loneliness into the purpose of solitude.

Solitude vs. Loneliness: There is a major difference—

  • “Solitude” is the flow of living life fully while trusting in your self to be cared for, protected, and provided for by a Higher Power, call it “Universe,” or “Spirit,” or “Good Energy.”
  • “Loneliness” is the belief that you are unlovable, you are not capable of ever connecting, that you are destined to be alone perpetually.

Solitude is based on the truth of agape love. Loneliness is based on the lie that you are self-isolated and disconnected.

Loneliness is the voice of the Shadow and Solitude is the voice of the Spirit.

Shadow work will help you discern the voices of truth and lies. Shadows can’t be snuffed or stuffed, but it can be illuminated and integrated with the Spirit. This integrated shadow state will empower you to never feel “so alone” again. You no longer will exclude yourself. Instead, in the shadow integrated state, you will have the conscious choice of choosing to exclude and choosing to include yourself.  The idea of “being alone forever” will be recognized and acknowledged as the voice of the shadow and once this is accepted, the spirit can come in to have compassion for it and help the soul choose a different path.



Shadow Work Breaks Toxic Patterns

Advantages of Shadow Work

  • Shadow Work empowers choice.
  • Discover the hidden feelings you’ve suppressed by processing it in expressive writing.
  • Validate your past experiences so that the ghosts of your past will be heard.
  • Lower the frequency and intensity of downward spirals by journaling truth inside fiction.

Features of Shadow Work

  • Connect with other kindred Journal-Artists so that your experience may be heard, felt, and seen.
  • Validate your experiences by expressing truth inside fiction within a vibrant and intimate Journal-Artist community.
  • Discern Shadows based on truth and Shadows based on life-lies through the power of resonate-editing.

Benefits of the Shadow Work

  • Activate your subconscious through simple and clear directions to leverage content with creation.
  • Return the power of truth back into your conscious mind by allowing the subconscious to speak to you in expressive writing.
  • Increase self-respect, self-confidence, and self-esteem through the disciplining of validating your feelings, your pain, your experiences and helping others validate theirs.
The Three Progressions of Shadow Work

The Love Story offers three Shadow Work Expressive Writing Programs designed to help you transform the loneliness into an integrated state of solitude as a choice through knowing both your shadow and your light. Each Program reflects the progression of Shadow Work and is staggered, custom-tailored to the intensity and frequency of how deep and how urgent you want to reveal the unconscious parts of yourself.

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