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Learn How to Help Yourself Inside Heartbreak

The Needy Shadow
You have invested your entire self-worth, identity, and investment inside a relationship that is no longer healthy. You gave up on love because you have concluded that there is no one who can love you unconditionally. You also secretly believe that if this person doesn’t even love you then maybe nobody else ever will love you like the way this person used to. Your happiness is dependent on someone else and without them you don’t know how to be happy. You pain of betrayal and loss is deeply rooted in childhood parallels of betrayal and loss. You are terrified of abandonment. You feel like every time an intense relationship doesn’t work out, it re-opens early childhood wounds. 
The Shadow's Twin Spirit
Every Shadow has its twin Spirit: Shadow Integration is the ability to illuminate and bring together both your shadow and your spirit so the power of choice will be returned to you, the soul who chooses.
The Independent Spirit
The Independent Spirit is someone who takes responsibility for their own happiness. You no longer feel the need to control situations or people to feel better about yourself. You don’t attach other people’s behaviors or misbehaviors with your self-esteem and self-worth. You know how to set boundaries, to organize and prioritize your goals, and to self-care. You are in the process of forgiving. Though forgiving others is a journey not an event, you give yourself patience and kindness when you are in the process of letting go and detaching with love. You no longer overthink things or try and psychoanalyze the person you love. You are taking responsibility for your own emotions, you sit with the pain and process it through healthy ways, and you find projects, passions, and communities that you can experience joy with. You don’t think less of yourself but think about yourself less. More and more people can rely on you now because you are taking responsibility for your own welfare. 

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