There is space for you to come out

Relinquish yourself and Be, "With Love"

The Withdrawn faces the challenge of emerging from isolation and relinquishing themselves of the guilt they feel

The next step to being With Love begins with The Love Story. The Love Story community is rooted in “Turning Pain Into Purpose”, and having each experienced our unique hurdles in our lives we understand the strength it takes just to be here taking steps in the right direction.

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Does this sound like a community you would want to be part of? We are all-inclusive and would love to have you. There is never any expectation to reveal anything about yourself you do not want, including you name! Find more Journal entries and artists at


"Solidify & Strengthen"
“Solidify & Strengthen”
"Say the Things to the Ones..."
“Say the Things to the Ones…”
"Bodily Betrayal"
“Bodily Betrayal”

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“Inevitable Change”
“I don’t want to dance”
“Start Day One”

“The Positive Results Corporation”

Theses artists have processed their pain and turned it into purpose. The following links will lead you to various projects or forms of art that were created in response to pain and hardship.