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The Outsider Shadow
You feel like you are the problem. You hear this voice in the back of your head that maybe if you weren’t here the problem would cease to exist. You have a fear of exclusion due to being the odd one out time and again. You have been rejected from many opportunities—jobs, housing, parties, etc. You fear the silent judgement of other people around you. You are scarred by hateful opinions of your identity, your beliefs, your opinions. You are hurt when people treat you differently than other people. You are constantly tired of being labeled a certain type of way when in reality, you are have a diverse range of abilities, colors, hobbies, and your personality is nuanced. You don’t like people putting you in a certain type of box. 
The Shadow's Twin Spirit
Every Shadow has its twin Spirit: Shadow Integration is the ability to illuminate and bring together both your shadow and your spirit so the power of choice will be returned to you, the soul who chooses.
The Outsider Spirit
The Insider Spirit is someone who knows within oneself that the only way to true happiness is self-acceptance and self-love. The aim of the insider spirit is to discover the love within and allow it to project out. You don’t seek validation from outside circumstances, people, and material things. Rather, you seek validation of your self-worth through an inner knowing that you are worth it. You begin parenting your inner child, the innocent part of you that is still pure, loving, and kind. You begin to develop a loving relationship with yourself. You begin realizing that everybody on this earth have challenges with fulling accepting and loving themselves and that your struggle to love and accept yourself is a universal struggle. You also recognize that this truth does not downplay or dismiss the intensity and importance of your inner struggle, but that you are not alone in the human struggle for true love within oneself. Once the Insider Spirit has began the discipline of self-love and giving affirmations, patience, and kindness to oneself, the Insider has the ability and agility to love others in the process of living one’s life journey. 

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