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The Supporting Cast Shadow
You constantly feel lonely, especially when in a crowded room. You feel empty and don’t know why. You feel a lack of connection with yourself and your life but don’t know how or why to fix it. You do not truly understand your emotions and feel wrong for having them. You don’t see meaning in the things you do nor you don’t value the things you have. You believe you may have an existential crisis because things seem ordinary and good on the outside, but you can’t seem to find joy or appreciation in any of it. You believe you lost your sense of wonder and curiosity.
You feel like you are just going through the motions. Nothing is exactly wrong and nothing is exactly right. You believe nobody really likes you for you but for what you can do for them and what you can give them.  You are searching for a feeling but don’t know how to even begin describing it let alone locate it. When you do feel a certain type of feeling, you find yourself invalidating this feeling. You have trouble showing emotions. There is this sense of loss, void, and perhaps a small but constant feeling of nihilism.  You don’t know where to begin to address this thing you don’t know how to name.
The Shadow's Twin Spirit
Every Shadow has its twin Spirit: Shadow Integration is the ability to illuminate and bring together both your shadow and your spirit so the power of choice will be returned to you, the soul who chooses.
The Hero Spirit
The Hero Spirit is someone who has found one’s purpose in this world and is operating through the lens of a purpose-driven life. You have a sense of wonder, especially in the small things. Even the most ordinary moments of living bring small moments of joy and curiosity. You have a genuine interest in others. You are rooted in a divine power that is infusing you with the supernatural ability to power through the challenging and difficult parts of living. You are beginning to trust your own intuition.
Your emotions no longer are dismissed or devalued, but now serve as a guide to inform you of people, places, and circumstances. You take things one day at a time. Rather than future trip or staying stuck in the past, you are becoming fully present in the present moment. You know how to show up for people and for yourself. You realize the power of saying no to certain people, places, and situations. Since you have a sharp focus on your vision, you intuitively know which doors are meant to be closed and which doors opened you can walk through. You still find yourself getting knocked down at times, but you find the strength deep within your spirit to bring you back up again and try again. You are stubborn in your vision. You have grit, you have courage, you have longevity power. You are a marathon runner that keeps going despite the stumbling blocks and the overwhelming challenges.  

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