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Learn How to Find Peace in Acceptance.

The Rejector Shadow
You tend you reject others first because secretly you fear being rejected. You feel alone because you have no one to express your dreams, your past, your traumas, and the every day dramas. You have a very hard time trusting people, especially people who say they want to help you. You have previous history of being disappointed by people who tried to help you but failed. You feel like people just don’t care about you so why bother trying to reach out for help. You feel like the world was not made for you.
You are a black sheep in the family, a perpetual foreigner, and people perceive you as weird or strange. Your reaction is to reject people, especially people you don’t feel connected to or who you believe won’t understand you. You are tired of people misidentifying you, even after sharing your identity. You feel judged, dismissed, criticized, and devalued. You have had fights with people you thought you were close to. You feel cut out by family, groups, and tribes. You tend to self-sabotage good relationships because the closer you get to a person, the more terrified you become. You are so afraid of being vulnerable. You blame your past toxic relationships for making it hard for you to truly connect with others.
The Shadow's Twin Spirit
Every Shadow has its twin Spirit: Shadow Integration is the ability to illuminate and bring together both your shadow and your spirit so the power of choice will be returned to you, the soul who chooses.
The Acceptor Spirit
The Acceptor Spirit is someone who takes responsibility for one’s own happiness and one’s own journey of accepting people, places, things, and circumstances, even when that acceptance is not reciprocated. You realize that accepting everything as it is becomes the key to your serenity, sanity, and growth, not others. You are taking responsibility for your own journey of ultimate acceptance. You choose non-action towards people whose shadows are provoking, inciting, and triggering your own shadows. You choose self-control and self-restraint to allow the process be. You now see yourself as choosing to accept so if someone else rejects first, you recognize that this is more about their space and their shadows running amuck rather than about you.
You no longer choose to go back to an egoic way of one upping and needing the upper hand because ultimately you realize that it’s not about who has the upper hand, but who has the hand of letting go that is the truest wisdom of self-realization. You are learning about decluttering, detoxifying, and detaching by learning the love language of letting go of needing to fix, change, or teach lessons. You realize that the only lesson is the lesson you are learning yourself of how to be in perfect presence of the present moment as is. The Acceptor Spirit gives you complete serenity even among chaos, gives you peace even when surrounded by uncertainty, gives you center and grounded this in the middle of action. You become one with nature and the universal energies when you flow with the going of people, places, and spaces. You are water in that you are dynamic in the acceptance of all things good and bad, happy and sad, shadow and light. 

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