Not all storms come to disrupt your life some come to clear your path.

When you are in the midst of heartbreak, and being dumped the thought of moving on from a relationship that once held such an important part in your life can seem like an almost impossible endeavor. The idea that you will ever find happiness and love again seems like an  unthinkable thing. 

Although in the midst of the storm you may want to believe these painful emotions, there is always light at the end of the tunnel. Beautiful flowers bloom from the rain, and a beautiful stronger you will bloom from the end of a relationship that is no longer serving you. 

The Love Story is your opportunity to transform your way of thinking to a healthier frame of mind, and learn how to free yourself of heartbreak and move on from the end of a relationship 

Over 750 journal entries. 100 Artist interviews. One convenient, virtual portal.

All created to activate your subconscious.

Just search for your pain point, and find inspiration through another author’s entry.

Whatever you’re struggling with, someone else has probably written about it. If not, you get to be the first to help someone who needs it.


The Love Story offers unlimited group writing sessions, which we call: “The Mirror Darkly.” Enlist the help of our qualified facilitators, and join based on your schedule. Perfect for beginners, or if you’re always on the go.

Then, The Producer’s Playbook digs even deeper – to discern your passions, pursuits, and purpose through shadow illumination, discernment, and integration.

We get to the root of the problem by providing you with your solution – the opposite of a one-size-fits-all approach.


You will find support from other Journal-Artists, and even support others in the process.

Our community is designed to garner support, whether that is through the hosting, journaling, resonate-editing, pen-pal or publishing experience.

With our website, you are an integral part of the family. You’re never truly alone.


Join. Host. Volunteer.

We welcome you with open ears. Experience yearlong, peer-to-peer workshops with qualified writing mentors.


From creative writing to relief

Self-Expression – or Shadow Work – is never easy, so we made it easier for you to get started.

Our free expressive writing portal is available for you now.


Told in fiction. Based on a true story.

Either way, we hear you.

What’s more, there may be another reader out there who’s hanging on your every word.

Act One: What are the Benefits?

“You have the ability to just be like, ‘you know, this is my truth and if anybody doesn’t like it that’s fine because as far as they are concerned, everything that I’m saying is not real.’ It’s really helpful to know that people aren’t gonna to know what’s real, what’s not real, with what you write. You can release things and nobody will be the wiser about it.”

Chelsea Wolfe

“I want to go back and explore. Why did it happen when it happened. …Women often suppress their emotions…we think, ‘if I just swallowed that back, it’ll go away,’ and it’s like ‘Nope! Still here.’ and so I think I’m starting to really figure, I can’t swallow that back. I need to let things out.”

Dorothy England

“The point of journaling is to really just look inside and be like, ‘okay, what is this? Why am I feeling it? And what do I do with it?’ And that’s sort of what you have to ask yourself when you are journaling.”

Kali Paszkiewicz
Increase Emotional Intelligence

Becoming self-aware of your emotions and feelings after the end of a relationship gives you the power to break toxic cycles of thinking, make positive changes in your life, and become more mature. Working on your emotional health is vital to deal with ebbs and flows of emotions that occur after a breakup.

Gain Self-Respect

Give yourself the respect you deserve and do not hold on to someone who did not want to stay. By watching yourself set healthy boundaries, knowing what you like and don’t like, & becoming confident in who you are through self-acceptance you will cultivate healthy relationships in the future and move on.

Gain Self-Confidence

Owning your shadow – and learning how to integrate it – will effectively increase your self-confidence and boost your self-esteem. Once you understand yourself better, you can start to learn what you will and won’t accept and move on from people that are unable to give you the love you need and deserve .