Things happen, mistakes are made, but what matters is overcoming it. Forgive yourself for what happened and start the next chapter of your life. The Love Story provides both an online journal and an online community of Journal-Artists designed to hold space for you to process the overwhelming flood of suppressed emotions and situations that lead to where you are right now. Its OK to have held onto your emotions but here you have a space to release them safely.
The beginning of treating emotional challenges is creative expression. Through creative expression you will learn the power of control over your emotions. Explore how our journaling program will help you process that pain inside the genre of “Journal-Artism,” a writing modality that fuses journaling and journalism with the personal journey. Begin the process of Transforming your pain into creative expression so you can begin to forgive and free yourself. Reveal, deal, feel, and heal. 
Increase Emotional Intelligence

Becoming self-aware gives you the power to recognize your self-doubt by catching yourself in the act. Awareness is the first step to increasing emotional intelligence.

Gain Self-Respect

Self-respect is earned through watching yourself set healthy boundaries, overcoming self-doubt, and knowing where to draw the line, Listen to your body and surround yourself with others who care about your human growth and mental wellbeing.

Gain Self-Confidence

Owning your shadow of self-doubt and learning how to dissipate it will effectively increase your self-confidence, self-forgiveness and boost self-esteem through knowing and accepting oneself. We all experience a full spectrum of emotions, but knowing how to handle them or knowing what triggers them is key to knowing yourself.

Try guided meditation to activate your subconscious and begin to hear and feel what your body is telling you. Giving your time and space to just ‘be’ will provide you with the creative expression you need to begin forgiving yourself.

Forgiving yourself starts with addressing your self-doubt

Part I

Explore self-doubt and guilt shared from others with our archive of over 750+ Journal Entries, designed to activate your subconscious.

Part II

Identify your story by exploring over 100+ artist interviews about transforming guilt and forgiving themselves through their creative expression

Part III

Join us and receive a free digital diary that specifically illuminates the Rejector Shadow

We are a community of Journal-Artists who have experienced self-loathing, guilt, and trauma. We are also working through the process of forgiveness. Be seen, be heard, be a part of. Begin the process of forgiving yourself on your own timing and pacing. Be among a community of kindred spirits who are hearing, supporting and understanding one another, peer to peer.  

Features of Act I

  • Peer to peer journaling
  • Processing hatred in fiction
  • Judgement-free zone
  • For us by us, community others working on forgiveness
Testimonials about Journaling in Act One

“You have the ability to just be like, ‘you know, this is my truth and if anybody doesn’t like it that’s fine because as far as they are concerned, everything that I’m saying is not real.’ It’s really helpful to know that people aren’t gonna to know what’s real, what’s not real, with what you write. You can release things and nobody will be the wiser about it.”

Chelsea Wolfe

“I want to go back and explore. Why did it happen when it happened. …Women often suppress their emotions…we think, ‘if I just swallowed that back, it’ll go away,’ and it’s like ‘Nope! Still here.’ and so I think I’m starting to really figure, I can’t swallow that back. I need to let things out.”

Dorothy England

“The point of journaling is to really just look inside and be like, ‘okay, what is this? Why am I feeling it? And what do I do with it?’ And that’s sort of what you have to ask yourself when you are journaling.”

Kali Paszkiewicz
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