Is the overwhelming feeling of helplessness, fear, and worry haunting and taunting you? Are you having trouble getting by in social settings? Do you fear another anxiety attack coming in the future? Find the words needed to reveal the root cause of your anxiety attacks and how it led you here. Discover a space where your inner voice can be heard so that the anxiety attacks will no longer haunt you. The Love Story provides both an online journal and a journaling community of Journal-Artists designed to hold space for you to process the overwhelming flood of suppressed emotions and situations that had kept you a prisoner of anxiety. The beginning of treating anxious feelings is through creative expression. Through creative expression you will learn the healing powers of putting words to pen for emotional release, compassion, and self-acceptance.
Explore how The Love Story expressive writing program will help you process that pain inside the genre of “Journal-Artism,” a writing modality that fuses journaling and journalism with the personal journey. Begin the process of transforming your story into creative expression so you can begin to free yourself and find joy in living again.
Reveal, deal, feel, and heal. 
Meet The Journal-Artists

We explore truth in fiction, while illuminating our shadows.

We fortify our faith through the sword of the spirit in the written word.

We are the Journal-Artist Producers—sharply spoken and broken open.

01.We believe in creativity
Shadow work is best done in shadow land—in the realm of fiction.
02.We believe in catharsis
Find your silver lining in the flow of journaling. Suppressed expression is depression: May the publishing process become your spiritual and emotional release.
03.We believe in choice
In the flow of documenting your journey, you will discover your dual passions, pursuits, and purposes. In the self-awareness of your own duality, you will also become lucid in the power of choice.
04.We believe in community
Surround yourself with a community of supportive Journal-Artists who are also writing, one journal-entry at a time, artist-inspired.
Increase Emotional Intelligence

Becoming self-aware of the inner critic gives you the power to break its toxic habits. Increasing Emotional Intelligence will transform the voice of self-loathing into the voice of self-acceptance. Only through self-acceptance is the the voice of the inner critic washed away and replaced by the voice of kindness and compassion.

Gain Self-Respect

Self-respect is earned by observing yourself become kinder and more compassionate towards the way you treat yourself. Self-respect is knowing deep within yourself that you have the choice of doing the right or wrong thing and being able to act on the right thing.

Gain Self-Confidence

Increase self-confidence by learning how to transform self-hatred into self-help. Self-confidence is the ability to transform negative self-talk into positive self-talk. It is the ability to silence the inner critic by replacing it with the voice of kindness and encouragement.

How to Find Your Anchor in the Storm

Acknowledging Your Self-Talk

Find inspiration and learn the potency of written word. Give yourself the space to explore negative self talk examples by exploring stories shared from others within our archive of over 750+ Journal Entries and Artist interviews, designed to activate your subconscious. This is called Shadow Work.

Transforming the Inner Critic

You can replace the inner worry wart with the inner words of acceptance and affection in you. Transform pain into passion and purpose by first expressing what has been suppressed through expressive writing and shadow work.

Positive Self-Talk

Discovering your personal anchor point is a process. It takes time and practice to become a master at it. You will receive a complimentary digital diary designed to activate the shadow of the perfectionist shadow so you may express and embrace what’s been going on so that you may release it.

We are a community of Journal-Artists who have experienced pain, hardship, and trauma. We are working together through the process of journaling and resonate-editing. Be Seen. Be Heard. Be a Part Of.  Begin the process of journaling, among a community of kindred spirits who are hearing, supporting and understanding one another, peer to peer. 
Benefits of The Love Story Program
  • Produce Self-Awareness
  • Achieve a sound mind and clear thoughts
  • Create a legacy through memory capsules
  • Boost Emotional Intelligence
  • Validate your experience
  • Affirm what you have gone through
  • Strengthen self-discipline through the habit of journaling
  • Improve communication skills
  • Grow with strength, confidence, and assertiveness
  • Spark Creativity
  • Increase self confidence
  • Compatible with CBT, CFT, MBCBT, ACT, and DBT

Features of The Love Story Program

  • Peer to peer journaling
  • Processing your story in fiction
  • Judgement-free zone
  • For us by us, community others working on emotional growth
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