Is running on auto everyday killing you slowly? Discover a space where you can process what’s been eating you inside. The Love Story provides both a virtual space, structure, and community where you can discover what’s been keeping you trapped.  Through creative expression, you will learn the healing powers of putting words to pen for emotional release, compassion, and direction. 
Explore how The Love Story Expressive Writing Program will help you process that which you have suppressed through the genre of “Journal-Artism,” a writing modality that fuses journaling and journalism with the personal journey. Begin the process of becoming self-aware so you can begin to free yourself from the traps and begin pursuing a new direction that aligns with your true self.
Reveal, deal, feel, and heal. 
Gain Self-Awareness

Becoming self-aware of your true and false self will break toxic habits and lead to better choices and better destinations in life. Increasing Emotional Intelligence will transform both your mindset and your voice. Only through self-awareness are you able to  of pivot the direction of your path. Become informed.

Consciousness of Self

To become conscious of yourself is the beginning of positive change and growth. By observing yourself and holding yourself accountable, you will gain self-respect and self-esteem through a deeper knowing of who you are and who you want to become. Through the consciousness of self, you will be able to choose the path that leads to your purpose and a deeper meaning of life lived.

Awareness of Emotions

Sure facts are not feelings but feelings certainly influence your choices and the direction you take that turn into facts in the future. Thus, feelings do matter and oftentimes, feelings inform your intuition and your sense of direction. Paying attention to your feelings, validating them, and then allowing the feelings to provide valuable information is the skillset you need to mature and grow.

On Self-Awareness Empowers You

Informs Your Passion

Knowing the duality of your dual desires gives you the power of choice to choose the desire that aligns with your true self. In order that you are self-aware, it is important to do the shadow work needed to see duality of your reality. Give yourself the space to explore shadows exploring stories shared from others within our archive of over 750+ Journal Entries, designed to activate your subconscious.

Inform Your Design

Explore over 100+ artist video testimonials about transforming pain into artistic design so that it will inspire you to begin seeing the duality of your design. Become encouraged to choose the design that leads to your highest artistic expression and pathway towards your true self.

Inform Your True Purpose

Begin the process of becoming aware of your true purpose in life by downloading Your  Love Story Digital Diary Here to get started.

We are a community of Journal-Artists who are also on the journey of knowing ourselves. We begin by processing the subconscious voice through  negative voices through expressive writing, told in fiction, based on a true story. It is only through compassion and kindness that the positive and negative voices can be held, heard, and discerned. Begin the process of listening and sharing, holding space and holding truths, among a community of kindred spirits who are sharing, hearing, and supporting one another, peer to peer.  

Features of Act I

  • Peer to peer journaling
  • Processing your inner critic in fiction
  • Judgement-free zone
  • For us by us, community others working on emotional growth
Meet The Journal-Artists

We explore truth in fiction, while illuminating our shadows.

We fortify our faith through the sword of the spirit in the written word.

We are the Journal-Artist Producers—sharply spoken and broken open.

01.We believe in creativity
Shadow work is best done in shadow land—in the realm of fiction.
02.We believe in catharsis
Find your silver lining in the flow of journaling. Suppressed expression is depression: May the publishing process become your spiritual and emotional release.
03.We believe in choice
In the flow of documenting your journey, you will discover your dual passions, pursuits, and purposes. In the self-awareness of your own duality, you will also become lucid in the power of choice.
04.We believe in community
Surround yourself with a community of supportive Journal-Artists who are also writing, one journal-entry at a time, artist-inspired.