Documentary Producer’s Program

Act Two: Acting in Compassion
Act on your True Pursuit
What you focus on, grows.
About The Journal-Artist in Act Two
The Pitch

The Pitch: Put your heart on paper, break open your authentic truth, deliver your truth to the artist you are truly inspired by.

The Production

The Production: Pull together your production crew, interview your artist, and become the bridge between pain and transformation through the documentary.

The Publication

The Publication: Publish the documentary into our journaling portal and into an interactive augmented reality diary, artist-inspired.

Contribute to The Love Story Journals

The Love Story is one of the first interactive diaries in the world to address heartbreak through “Artist-Inspired Journaling.” Rather than suppressing our pain, we stand for expressing it, artist-inspired.

Lifetime Royalties and Ownership on the Blockchain

Our commitment to all Contributors inside each Love Story Interactive Diary is lifetime royalties on the sales of each journal with co-ownership of the piece of artwork we’ve each contributed to, on the Blockchain, thanks to our sponsors, 

Contribute to the World

Depression is a World Wide Disability.

Stand for the Broken Hearted to Become Broken Open.

Stand for the Journey of Mess into Message.

Stand for the Transformation of Mental Illness to Mental Fill-ness.