You may be hating the very same God you once believed in and relied upon.
Perhaps you’ve lost your faith, your way, your interest in living life.
You may know exactly what not to do but you are doing it anyway.
Your days are filled with misery and waking up feels like a repeat of yesterday’s misery.
You are getting through the day because you have to.
The world moved on but you did not.

You may be sitting in your therapist’s office telling half-truths, you may have been prescribed medication meant to make you feel better but you know deep down that it does not address the root of the issue. Your soul is screaming for something better, something more, something transcendent. You feel overwhelmed. This shit is hard. It feels like you are living through hell on earth.


Wouldn’t it be nice to channel all that pain, anger, and hurt into passion, pursuit, and purpose? What if you could discover your call to adventure for the next phase of your life by examining the tragedy of the past in fiction, creative storytelling, while being grounded in today’s moment of living? And what if you were able to create a journal to share and connect with others in a private, supportive community with people who you can relate to? Wouldn’t it be nice to find deeper truths, understanding, and meaning around the heartbreak, grief, and loss? What if you were able to journal, share, and connect with other journal-artists in the process? What if there was a program that could help you journal your tragedy into a Love Story?

The Love Story is a pathway through grief. Healthy grieving is not pleasant and it takes a hero’s heart to go through the highs and lows in the underworld of the past, to confront shadows through grace and space so you may face your demons in the light, protected and contained by a community of fellow travelers.

Your tragedy is only Act One of a Three Act Love Story.

As a Journal-Artist Producer, you are a hero who is ready to take on the Call to Adventure through the art and craft of journaling your past and present in story so you may discover, pursue, and create the future into a Love Story with a Loving power defined in 1 Corinthians 13.


The deepness within you has been boxed, buried, and compartmentalized away. The only way to overcome the toxicity of self-destructive behaviors is to penetrate rather than avoid the darkness. What the Journal-Artist Producer’s Program offers is the space, structure, and spiritual healing to cultivate a spark for healthy living, creating, and producing the love in your story, The Love Story.

You are a journal-artist journaling your experience of truth in fiction. Through the craft of journaling and the art of storytelling, you will discover the Call to Adventure for the next movement of your life. When you learn to embrace the memories of the past, you begin strengthening yourself, experiencing hope, and discovering the silver lining in today’s present perfect moment.


The Journal-Artist Producer’s program is the art and craft of living with and documenting precious memories by processing, feeling, and dancing with the truth rather than avoiding, numbing, and trying to forget them. What if you could just be okay with not being okay and capture that experience in words? What if you could share your authentic truth with someone who is experiencing their own unique pain and allowing the mystery of 1 Corinthians 13:12 to activate, inspire, and guide you towards the parts that are still suppressed, hidden, and buried deep with kindred community members?

What if your truth is no longer about you being fixed but about you validating the experience itself, allowing that experience to direct you and give you clues to the next chapter of your life?

Take on the Journal-Artist Journey today so you may stop making self-destructive choices now and begin the journey of self-expression.

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