The Mystery of Love Revealing
The Producer's Playbook: Chapters One and Two


The Promises


The Properties of Love
Chapter Two
The Properties of Love
Act One: Faith in the Face of Fear


Chapter OneThe Promises

Chapter One is about the depth of love, or the z factor, that is discovered through heartbreak. It is about the promises that The Producer’s Playbook program offers when the broken hearted takes on the call to adventure in pursuing one’s true passion, pursuit, and purpose in life, after heartbreak.


Chapter TwoThe Properties of Love

Chapter Two is about the properties of love defined inside 1 Corinthians 13.


Chapter ThreeThe Premise

Chapter Three reveals the mystery of love that initiated from Lucifer’s Fall.


Chapter FourThe Producer

Chapter Four reveals the faith Pre-Fall Eve has in God’s Goodness in His character defined inside Love by why she chose to fall.


Chapter FiveThe Present

Chapter Five reveals the timing displacement curse that Eve falls under when she tells God, “The snake deceived me.”


Chapter SixThe Position

Chapter Six reveals the positional displacement curse that Adam falls under when he tells God, “I hid because I was naked.”

Act Two: Compassion in the Face of Apathy


Chapter SevenFallen Eve's Curse

Chapter Seven reveals the nature of fallen Eve’s curse and how it still affects us today.


Chapter EightFallen Adam's Curse

Chapter Eight reveals the nature of fallen Adam’s curse and how that still affects us today.


Chapter NineThe Anti-Curses

Chapter Nine reveals the nature of anti-curses against false pride and false humility by analyzing why God cursed the ground by which Adam toils and why God cursed procreation by which Eve experiences pains both in her desire for her mate and in the process of giving new life.


Chapter TenThe Power of Nots

Chapter Ten explores the first function of an Anti-Curse—The Power of Opposition. Through the power of nots, as in not-acting as an active action, what will become is both the space and grace that opens up for the Journal-Artist when acting on the Anti-Curse in the positional and timing replacement of the curse.


Chapter ElevenThe Power of Acceptance

Chapter Eleven deep dives into the second function of an Anti-Curse—The Power of Acceptance. This function serves to integrate the Journal-artist’s shadow with one’s spirit, furthering the progression of shadow integration. Once this process is fully completed, the shadow becomes the Journal-Artist’s aide in the dark forrest, and one becomes batman to fight and defeat the jokers of this world.


Chapter TwelveThe Power of Divine Direction

Chapter Twelve is about pivoting one’s position on the direction of one’s pursuit. The third function of an anti-curse is to help the journal-artist focus on what matters and pursuing that wholeheartedly so that purpose will began to reveal itself in time.

Act Three: Grace in the Face of Judgement


Chapter ThirteenGod's Covenant

Chapter Thirteen is about the power of God’s covenant with you as a personal and unique contract, designed only for one Journal-Artist in the entire universe. This one covenant is based on faith, trust, and love. The Good News is even if the Journal-Artist falters, God is faithful always in this covenant. The pact is sealed. It can not be broken.


Chapter FourteenGod's Healing

Chapter Fourteen is about how God heals you through the counter-curses that has already been given to us in the present perfect moment for the present progressive moments of becoming.


Chapter FifteenGod's Hero

Chapter Fifteen is about the redemptive journey of the Hero, who is you, the Journal-Artist, and how a story of redemption plays on when the Journal-Artist is self-aware that such is the actual case.


Chapter SixteenGod's Helper

Chapter Sixteen is about how the Holy Spirit guides, aides, and encourages while the Hero—you, the Journal-Artist—continues forward in the redemptive journey.


Chapter SeventeenGod's Glory

Chapter Seventeen is about God’s revealing the mystery of love through the personal nuiances of one’s life journey. If the Journal-Artist is truthful, honest, and stubborn about documenting the details of one’s life, then God’s glory will be revealed in the scenes, signs, and story of the individual and all the characters surrounding her.