There are three different workshops in Act Two, workshops that pull from noble shadow statements:
Workshop 4. Producing Anti-Curses from Noble Shadow Statements,
Workshop 5. Discerning True and False Pursuits.
Workshop 6. Transforming Tricks into Treats.
Act Two focuses on discerning which paths lead to life and which paths lead to self-destruction and dead ends. This is an important exercise because knowing which path to take will save you a lot of unnecessarily pain, suffering, and wasted energy. May the right pursuit set you free.
Act Two also helps the journal-artist learn how to pivot the focus when the path of self-destruction and dead-ends tempts you to take action towards it. There is a simple grace and replace, a technique that transforms the tricks into treats when this skill of the pivot is learned by becoming aware of the true and false pursuits.
How to turn the other Cheek empowers you to focus on the silver linings and amplify it by taking more actions towards it, actions that will allow you to attract more good things into your life by virtue of a mindset shift, a perspective change, a repentance declaration revealed through actions taken towards that possibility. We leverage our anti-curse statements to draw us closer to our New Center, paradise in the heart of darkness. Taking action based on the Anti-Curse scripts will reveal your true purpose in life.
Testimonials about Journaling in Act Two

“Writing in the second takes bravery and channels love. The power of the second is that I saw my life as it is: honest and raw. By looking at the everyday moments in my life from a bird’s eye view, I could step out of myself and see what I was attracting. Through journalling in the second, I lived in the present. I learned to love myself, including my flaws and strengths, finding beauty in others around me with every entry. Instead of searching for a way out, I think I found a way in.”

Sarah Smith

Journaling in the second person allowed me to take what I thought I was experiencing by way of emotion, and challenge it with what was actually happening through action. Using the word ”You” created distance between me and the situation, and honestly allowed me to witness the role I played in my own suffering.

Tamara Luckett

When you write with The Love Story, it’s not just about expressing. You’re engaging with the difficult parts of yourself, acknowledging them, and exposing them to the light so that their toxicity is expunged. It’s to look at yourself and investigate the shadowy depth and take the good, the bad, and the ugly. You acknowledge your brokenness while showing yourself grace. You take the tears that come with each painful word and wash out the wounds of your bleeding heart so that healing can begin.

Your story mosaic begins when you let the light shine through the hurt. Each piece is turned over and rearranged through an examination of the truth through fiction based on your true story. It’s a story that arcs the past, present, and future to reveal the silver lining in the sentences. You journal to heal, and you journal for yourself, trusting that the love story will come.

Katie Andrews
Journaling in the Second Person Writing Voice is...
The Act of Observing one’s actions while interacting with the external world surrounding the Journal-Artist who is living out, acting out, and writing out the scenes that resonate signs, symbols, and insights for the true and false pursuits is Acting in Compassion for the Protagonist Observed by the Journal-Artist Observer. 
Act Two focuses on the Journal-Artist’s outer-world through the art and craft of journaling in the second person point of view. The design of the second voice is to discover signs, synchronicities, and supernatural moments that can provide clues to the journal-artist of one’s own Call to Adventure, captured in fiction, based on a true story.
The purpose of Act Two is to pay attention to the signs, scenes, and spoken words exchanged that inform your true and false pursuits. Act Two produces an Anti-Curse from the Noble Shadows inside your journaling journey and acts upon the Anti-Curses to reveal the effects of the Curse.