Acting in Compassion

Act Two: Acting in Compassion
Act on your True Pursuit
What you focus on, grows.
About The Journal-Artist in Act Two
Discover the Duality of your True and False Pursuits and Choose True.

Act Two focuses on the Journal-Artist’ outer-world by the art and craft of journaling in the second person point of view to discover signs, synchronicities, and supernatural moments that can give clues to the Call to Adventure, captured in fiction, based on a true story. 

Testimonials about Journaling in the Second Person Voice

“Writing in the second takes bravery and channels love. The power of the second is that I saw my life as it is: honest and raw. By looking at the everyday moments in my life from a bird’s eye view, I could step out of myself and see what I was attracting. Through journalling in the second, I lived in the present. I learned to love myself, including my flaws and strengths, finding beauty in others around me with every entry. Instead of searching for a way out, I think I found a way in.”

Sarah Smith

Journaling in the second person allowed me to take what I thought I was experiencing by way of emotion, and challenge it with what was actually happening through action. Using the word ”You” created distance between me and the situation, and honestly allowed me to witness the role I played in my own suffering.

Tamara Luckett

When you write with The Love Story, it’s not just about expressing. You’re engaging with the difficult parts of yourself, acknowledging them, and exposing them to the light so that their toxicity is expunged. It’s to look at yourself and investigate the shadowy depth and take the good, the bad, and the ugly. You acknowledge your brokenness while showing yourself grace. You take the tears that come with each painful word and wash out the wounds of your bleeding heart so that healing can begin.

Your story mosaic begins when you let the light shine through the hurt. Each piece is turned over and rearranged through an examination of the truth through fiction based on your true story. It’s a story that arcs the past, present, and future to reveal the silver lining in the sentences. You journal to heal, and you journal for yourself, trusting that the love story will come.

Katie Andrews
Inspire Hope

Experience Compassion through the Act of Pitching, Producing, Publishing, and Paying it Forward.

The Pitch

The Pitch: Put your heart on paper, break open your authentic truth, deliver your truth to the artist you are truly inspired by.

The Production

The Production: Pull together your production crew, interview your artist, and become the bridge between pain and transformation through the documentary.

The Publication

The Publication: Publish the documentary into our journaling portal and into an interactive augmented reality diary, artist-inspired.

Contribute to The Love Story Journals

The Love Story is one of the first interactive diaries in the world to address heartbreak through “Artist-Inspired Journaling.” Rather than suppressing our pain, we stand for expressing it, artist-inspired.

Close Reading of Chapter 5 to understand the wisdom of producing Anti-Curses.


Chapter FiveThe Playbook on Curse Reversals

Chapter Five reveals how to produce the anti-curse that reverses the effects of a curse by returning the alchemized shadow (reactive) back into its Noble State (unreactive).

Lifetime Royalties and Ownership on the Blockchain

Our commitment to all Contributors inside each Love Story Interactive Diary is lifetime royalties on the sales of each journal with co-ownership of the piece of artwork we’ve each contributed to, on the Blockchain, thanks to our sponsors, 

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Depression is a World Wide Disability.

Stand for the Broken Hearted to Become Broken Open.

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Stand for the Transformation of Mental Illness to Mental Fill-ness.