Fight Club Rules

You don’t talk about fight club.

All journal entries are fiction, based on a true story. The parts that are non-fiction are non-of-our business. Gossip, backbiting opinions, and advice-giving are all  counter-productive to the mission of our community. To protect the anonymity of our creatives, we have one rule—we don’t talk about what is non-fiction. We don’t ask, and we don’t tell. Our purpose here is to hold space, resonate, and reflect our personal truths in fiction.

Let’s Begin

How to Share Journal Entry Online
  1. Setup your Journal Entry on Google Doc for Sharing.
  2. Select a Journal Excerpt for Live Online Sharing.
  3. Share Journal Entry on Google Doc.
The Journal-Artist Editors Act as a Mirror
How to Setup, Select, and Share

Why Resonate-Edit?

To reveal the Hero’s true and false passions.

A false passion is a Shadow: A Shadow is everything and anything that is not love.

At its core, a Shadow is the absence of love. There are two types of shadows— a Noble Truth and an Alchemized Shadow. The Noble Truth will reveal your false passion and an Alchemized Shadow will perpetuate your false passion.

Resonations help you discern what Shadows are Noble so the choice of continuing or stopping your false passion will be returned to you.

Why Resonate-Editing Matters
How to Resonate-Edit


Simple 1-2-3 Steps on Google Doc

Step 1. On the Google Doc, at the top right hand corner, click on “Editing,” where you will see a pull down. Click on “Suggesting,” which means that all your edits will become suggestions.

Step 2. While the Journal-Artist is reading the journal entry, highlight the part you can relate to.

Step 3. Find the “highlight” icon, which looks like the shape of a pen, and click on it. Pick a light color preference.

Repeat steps 2 and 3 while the Journal-Artist is doing a live reading.