The Prequel Program focuses on understanding the duality of who you are: You are compromised of both shadows and spirits, good and bad, love and its absence. The duality of shadow and spirit is also the duality of your passions, pursuits, and purpose.
To follow the thoughts of your spirit is to pursue the things in life that lead to purpose. To follow the thoughts of your shadow is to discover grace when chaos destroys purpose. Out of the ashes of destruction, you are compelled to seek the shadow-spirit integration that will redirect you back to the direction that leads to purpose once again.
When you are in an integrated shadow state, the temptations of the shadow will no longer compel you but inform you of other people’s shadow intentions and actions. The Prequel Program is designed as the first step towards shadow-spirit integration— the ability to discern shadow and spirit thoughts within is the beginning of transformative power that leads to self-esteem, self-respect, and self-love. spirit
More on Shadow-Spirit Integration
Please take the Shadow Integration Archetype Quiz to help inform what kind of duality you are currently contending within.
Once you have taken the quiz, it will lead you to the Prequel Program according to your shadow-spirit integration archetype.