Journal Tragedy to Transform it—Reveal, Feel, and Heal.
The Producer’s Playbook is designed to help you transform pain into purpose through the power of expressive writing.
In the process of journaling, you will become self-aware of your dual passions, pursuits, and purposes in life, and you will become disciplined, inspired, and encouraged to choose the path of your true passion, pursuit, and purpose in life by exercising your free will.
You will transform your Pain into a Three-Act Tragedy, told in Fiction, Based on a True Story, so you may experience the catharsis needed to move forward in life. As a Journal-Artist, you will fuse the discipline of journaling with the craft of journalism to discover, experience, and inform your personal life journey.
Transform Tragedy in Three Acts
Act One: Acting in Faith
Act One: Acting in Faith (while facing your fears). Act One focuses on the properties of love, you will explore the emotions of loss, and you will begin the process of Shadow Work through a mirror darkly (i.e. community journaling, pen-pal journaling, and artist-inspired journaling).
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Act Two: Acting in Compassion
Act Two: Acting in Compassion (while facing the numbness of apathy). Act Two focuses on reframing the scenes of our past from negative to positive perspectives by leveraging our own shadows to produce anti-curse statements that helps us discern our true pursuit from our false one so we may become empowered to choose the path that leads to our true purpose in life. In Act Two, you will be trained on journaling in the second person voice, paying attention to the signs, scenes, and speeches made in the present perfect moment to inform us of our pursuits.
Explore Act Two (Prerequisite is Completing Act One)
Act Three: Acting in Faith
Act Three: Acting in Grace (while facing the fire of anger and judgement). Act Three focuses on the power of Grace and Silver Linings to arc our character and arc our story from a Tragedy into a Divine Comedy. We explore Grace as a three-folds-blessing—God’s grace for us, our grace for ourselves, and our grace for others. Grace leads us towards our true purpose whilst judgement leads to our false one. You will be trained on journaling in the third person writing voice and this kind of Journaling in the third will guide you in the path of your true purpose by learning about and applying the discipline of Grace.
Explore Act Three (Prerequisites are Completing Acts One and Two)
Benefits of Joining The Producer's Playbook Program:
  • Distinguish your heart’s true desire from the hidden one.
  • Cultivate an intimate relationship with yourself.
  • Begin the discipline of learning how to love yourself.
  • Improve self-respect, self-esteem, and self-confidence.
  • Shadow work helps you become more self-aware, grounded, and accepting of others and yourself.
  • Other people’s behavior won’t trigger you as often as you are learning how to become more and more anti-fragile.
  • Begin the process of catharsis by getting connected with a community of journal-artists.
Testimonials about Journaling in Act One

“You have the ability to just be like, ‘you know, this is my truth and if anybody doesn’t like it that’s fine because as far as they are concerned, everything that I’m saying is not real.’ It’s really helpful to know that people aren’t gonna to know what’s real, what’s not real, with what you write. You can release things and nobody will be the wiser about it.”

Chelsea Wolfe

“I want to go back and explore. Why did it happen when it happened. …Women often suppress their emotions…we think, ‘if I just swallowed that back, it’ll go away,’ and it’s like ‘Nope! Still here.’ and so I think I’m starting to really figure, I can’t swallow that back. I need to let things out.”

Dorothy England

“The point of journaling is to really just look inside and be like, ‘okay, what is this? Why am I feeling it? And what do I do with it?’ And that’s sort of what you have to ask yourself when you are journaling.”

Kali Paszkiewicz
What's Included inside Act One Membership? 365 Days of...
The Resonation-Editing Workshops

Resonation-Editing Workshops: Resonate-edit Journal Entries to discern the noble and alchemized shadow in your story.

Journaling Circles

Journaling Circles: Journal with Kindred Journal-Artists online and offline three to five times a week, member-led and facilitated.

Literature Groups

Literature Groups: Read Chapters 1-4 of The Producer’s Playbook together, highlight, reflect, and respond.

Fellowship with Kindred Journal-Artists
Transforming Tragedy...

To Understand Your Tragedy is to Transform It.

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Chapter 01

The PromisesPurpose + Aim = Life

The promise of the Producer’s Playbook is to experience love after love through the Mystery of Love Revealing:

“For now we see only a reflection as in a mirror, then we shall see face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I am fully known.”

1 Corinthians 13:12, NIV

Chapter 02

The Properties of LoveIn Honor of Original Eve

When we explore the story of why God created Eve, the mystery of love’s power will also unravel. The purpose of Original Eve is indeed a mystery, and can be revealed when the three assertions of Love are made:

1. God is Love

2. Love is Defined in 1 Corinthians 13

3. Love is a Choice, chosen by a Sovereign Spirit, each with one’s own divine Matter, Act, and Will.

Chapter 03

The PremiseThe Apple of Eve's Eye

From the three assertions about the Properties of Love,

1. God is Love

2. Love is Defined

3. Love is a Choice

one may extrapolate why God created Eve in keeping with the faith of who God is.

Chapter 04

The ProducerThe Power of Everlasting Life

 Eve’s Fierce Faith

Fiction. Based on a True Origins of Spiritual Intelligence

Discover the Mystery of Love
The Producer's Playbook

Embody the Mystery of Love Revealing

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Journal Alone

Utilize The Love portal or The Love Story Journals to cultivate the habit of Artist-Inspired Journaling.


Journal with a Pen-Pal

Connect with a kindred Journal-Artist in The Love Story Community and Journal Together.


Journal Together Online

Journal with a group of Journal-Artists in The Love Story Digital Community


Journal Together in Person

Create your own intimate Journaling Group at the comfort of your living room, a coffee shop, a co-creative space.

Journal Truth in Fiction
Set Free

“…and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

John 8:32
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Meet The Journal-Artists
We explore truth in fiction, while illuminating our shadows.
We fortify our faith through the sword of the spirit in the written word.
We are the Journal-Artist Producers—sharply spoken and broken open.
May the book set you free.
01.We believe in creativity
Shadow work is best done in shadow land—in the realm of fiction.
02.We believe in catharsis
Find your silver lining in the flow of journaling. Suppressed expression is depression: May the publishing process become your spiritual and emotional release.
03.We believe in choice
In the flow of documenting your journey, you will discover your dual passions, pursuits, and purposes. In the self-awareness of your own duality, you will also become lucid in the power of choice.
04.We believe in community
Surround yourself with a community of supportive Journal-Artists who are also writing, one journal-entry at a time, artist-inspired.
Books Completed
En Route to Publishing
lives impacted per day
Lead with why
Transform your pain into purpose by first discovering the call to adventure.
The Dark Forrest
Find the silver lining in the dark forrest you are walking through.
the power of fiction
Illuminate the truth in fiction and may the truth set you free.
A Chinese Proverb
To move a mountain, begin with one pebble at a time.
Begin the Journey of Telling Your Story

Journal Your Tragedy

What you suppress will be expressed.
May you illuminate the shadows.
May the truth set you free.
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Respect Your Life Journey

Journal Your Life Tragedy into The Love Story

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